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A Long Family Tradition

Once Man's Luck and Another Man's Money.

Horse and WagonIn June of 1898, Jeremiah Lynch, a shoe cobbler by trade and the eventual father of 12 (10 boys and 2 girls), was playing poker with some friends at a bar on 18th Street in the Eureka Valley District of San Francisco. By the time the game was over he had won more than just money. In addition to the $12 he had won, he also won a team of horses and a wagon, thus starting a very successful family owned and operated Moving and Storage business. It is one of San Francisco's oldest, serving the Bay Area for over one hundred years.

When Jeremiah came home to his wife Mary and told her they were now in the express business, she was beside herself. As time went on, the business changed from a local drayage business to a moving company.

To hear Jack Lynch tell it, "it was the best time of his life, we all had our chores and regardless of how old or young you were you expected to perform them. Then you could go to school." Before he went to school every day his job was to hitch the team up and get them ready for the days work. Little brother George was responsible for putting the team to rest at the end of the evening, which included feeding and brushing the horses down. Both horses were stabled in the back yard of the family house located at 18th and Douglas Sts. in San Francisco.

1970's Moving TruckSoon after the invention of the gas engine Jeremiah thought it was time to invest so he purchased the family's first motor vehicle, a truck. He died shortly thereafter and the business was passed down to the oldest son Dan. When he died it was passed around the family and finally purchased by one of his youngest sons, George.

George's family still owns and operates the business today. George passed away November 15, 1999 at the age of 85. He will be missed.

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