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Moving Tips

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Receiving the proper estimate is important, there are three basic types of estimates:

  1. Binding: The mover quotes a flat price that binds the customer and mover. No matter how much the job costs, the flat price is always paid. Generally, movers give this type of estimate after performing an on site evaluation of your move.
  2. Non-binding or hourly rate: Customers are charged a pre agreed hourly rate for a truck, driver and helper(s). The cost depends on the hours worked and additional services requested.
  3. A Not to Exceed Price: This type of quote is a combination of hourly rate and binding estimate. The mover works on an hourly rate, but the final price cannot exceed a predetermined amount that has been agreed to by both parties. If the move comes in under the estimated amount, the consumer pays the lesser price. If the total cost for the move is more, the customer only pays the binding price.

Lynch & Sons recommends the "Not to Exceed" type of estimate when possible. With the Not to Exceed estimate you get the best aspects of each type of estimate without any of the negatives. Remember you want the mover to work with you and not against the clock.

Estimating moves is not an exact science. There are many variables that factor into how long it will actually take to complete the move. The mover has to make many assumptions in making an estimate and the best estimate is just the best guess. Below are some of the factors that fluctuates the price of your move:

  • You will be perfectly packed (assuming the mover is not packing for you).
  • The scope of the work will not change on the day of the move.
  • The weather will be perfect.
  • A parking space will be available in front of the building.
  • The elevator will be large enough and available.
  • Traffic will not be worse than usual.

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How will I be billed?

Movers charge for labor, trucks, travel time and materials. For local and residential moves the prices are state regulated. For long distance moves most states do not regulate price. Most movers charge by distance & weight, or distance & cubic feet.

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Estimates & Elevators:

Elevators are essential in moving. The price of your move can be greatly affected if they are not functioning properly, are small, or unavailable to the mover, . The mover is not responsible for additional charges, especially if you failed to explained or warn them of special situations or circumstances regarding elevators that may arise during the move. Unless your mover has performed an on site estimate, he will not be responsible if items do not fit in the elevator.

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Travel time:

This charge covers the mover's cost for traveling from his facilities to the origin of the move, and returning to his facilities from the destination after the move is complete. The charge is reflected when the mover doubles the actual driving time from your old location to the new one. There is generally a 1/2 hour minimum charge.

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Truck and Labor:

You pay an hourly rate for each member of the moving team, clocked from the time they reach the job until they finish at your new address, plus double the drive time as described above. Packing your items yourself could substancially lower the final moving cost. A truck is also charged at the hourly rate but usually quoted as truck and driver. Any tolls required is additional.

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This is the cost of boxes, tape and other packing material provided by the mover during the move. Wardrobes to move clothing is usually provided free on the day of the move for local moves. If you are moving long distance you will be required to purchase wardrobes.

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