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Your Guide to Easy Moving

Office Relocation Timeline Planner

Regardless if you are moving a one-person office or an entire company moving tends to be very stressful, especially on the moving coordinator. Lynch & Sons hopes that we can answer many of your questions and put your reservations to rest with this helpful moving guide. By asking as many questions as possible before the move allows us to keep your stress level much lower. You can print a copy of these tips and pass them out to your staff. Most of their questions will be answered by the moving guide but we are always available for those questions that never seem to get answered. Place the stress on us give us a call. Just as you do what you do great we are professionals and don't expect you to know all the answers.

Things you need to do prior to moving

At least Four weeks before your move date:

Call at least three movers and arrange a walk through, be sure all the movers are present at the same time, this will eliminate you from duplicating your work, or forgetting to show a mover something. Estimates are free and you are under no obligation.

Be sure to tell the movers the dates you are planning to move.

Be sure you know what items are to be moved and what items will be discarded, prior to the move.

Make the move date one convenient for you and not the mover, remember you are the customer.

If you've already made the arrangements with a mover, confirm with them to make sure you are still scheduled.

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One or Two Weeks:

Meet with mover to have another walk through and get advice on items like copies, PC's etc.

Check with the utility companies and make arrangements to turn on all utilities at the new location, the day before your move day. You may want to some prep work prior to moving in.

Make arrangements to have the new office cleaned if needed.

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Two to Seven Days Prior:

Confirm move dates with the movers and ask any questions that have been asked of you. Put together a "Move Day Kit" of everything you think you'll need to take with you on moving day.

Try to pack as much of what is left as possible. The more organized you are today the less organized you will be on move day.

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The Day Before:

Pack as much as you can. Mark a few cartons "last day" so they are ready for you to pack those last minute things.

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Moving Day:

Toss the final batch of things into the "last day" cartons.

As the final items are placed on the truck, be sure to do a final sweep for any items that may have been overlooked.

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