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Your Guide to Easy Moving

Office Relocation Packing Tips

Print out the packing tips listed below, copy and pass one out to everyone who is moving.

In addition place a schedule of when you want to start packing and when it must be finished, attach any special instructions you may have.

Keep the map simple for the destination of furniture be sure to clearly mark each person will be moving, use space numbers or a lettering system whatever is best for you.

Have plenty of cartons set around for trash and recycling.

Always use strong cartons that are closeable and can be taped shut. Always mark clearly the owner of the carton, its contents, and the room or cubicle where it is going.

Use only the special tags provided by the mover. Tag everything regardless of how small or seemingly inconsequential. Items not tagged generally do not get moved.

Place tags in locations that are easy to find, i.e.:

  • On the back of a chair
  • On the front of storage cabinets
  • On the top of bookcases
  • On the top of work surfaces of desks, tables, etc.

Leave only the two bottom drawers of lateral (the wide type) file cabinet full - all drawers above the two bottom ones must be completely emptied.

It is not necessary to empty vertical (the narrow type) file cabinets - these can be moved full.


Arrange to provide the movers with a clear and direct pathway to entrances, work areas and any required elevators at both locations.

It is important when moving copiers that they have been serviced. You must notify your service carrier a minimum of one week in advance.

It is not necessary to have a lot of company personnel in you facilities on moving day. They will only get in the way and distract the movers. It is a good idea to have only two key company employees at your facility to assist the movers.

Always use strong intact boxes that are collapsible and can be taped shut. Always clearly mark the owner of the box, its contents, the room it came from and where it's going.

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